City of Crowley Entry Signs

Piers drilled and legs cemented into place

Installing Channel Letters & LED Lights

Leveling the sign and cementing in place

Lowering the Large sign down on the Steel legs

Landscaping added to the 2 signs in the center median of 1187

Solar Panels Installed and positioned

Night view of East Sign on 1187 median near Walmart

City of Crowley

City of Crowley

Night view of North Sign near Harbison Fisher

City of Crowley Entry Sign Project - Dusk to Dawn Solar Power

The city of Crowley chose Foamcore Monument signs for the main entrance points of the city; the north and south entrances of Crowley Rd, and the East and West entrances of FM1187. They chose large rock columns combined with a natural color texture on the face and base.  The largest sign located in the center median of 1187 across from WalMart was built with LED channel letters and the other three locations with extruded graphics built into the face of the sign.

These signs were custom made using a high density foam with a proprietary plastic coating that encapsulates and protects the structures from the effects of freeze-thaw, mechanical impact and abrasion. The durable polymer coating provides protection that far exceeds the requirements of any City, State and Federal zoning authorities, and is a great product to stand up against any weather conditions it may face.

The city also chose solar power for all of the signs, so the signs will be virtually maintenance free and extremely efficient.  The solar panels have built in sensors that detect sunlight, so they automatically come on at dusk and turn off at dawn.  There is no timer or device that needs to be set with the seasons... everything is automatic.  The North, South and West locations are each powered with one wide-angle solar spotlight, and the largest sign utilizes front light and backlit LED lights inside the channel letters (the lights shine through the face of the letters, and also through the back to give a "halo" effect). 

We have provided a few pictures below to show some of the steps involved, and invite any comments, questions or feedback you may have. If you have any questions regarding Poly-Armor Coated Foam Signs or Solar Lighting, please call 817-447-4450 and we will be happy to assist. 

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